• Cognitive Agricultural Solutions
    Introducing Milo AG, a cognitive assistant who is an informed expert on
    trading, options, regulations, compliance, transportation, crop insurance,
    financing, agronomy, machinery, farm programs, weather, news, and more.
  • Emerging Technologies
    Milo AG is providing producers access to Emerging Technologies such as Cognitive Solutions, Natural Language Interfaces and Blockchain.
    These technologies will transform their operation and relationship in the agriculture industry.
    Contact us today to learn how we can launch your journey to becoming a Cognitive Producer.

What is MILO?


Milo is designed to become every farmers key business confidant, with daily on-going dialog about all variables affecting the producer’s operation. Currently, the average producer has over 100 usernames and passwords; the new paradigm of Milo makes the producer’s portal his single sign-on hub and data depository. The Producer offers trusted business partners secure access to push data, information and ideas specifically tailored to them into his portal so Milo can analyze the “big data” and inform the producer to the best course of action.


Milo is Agnostic, Adaptable and Agile.


Milo adds value to production agriculture and delivers more revenue from the food, fiber and energy value chain to the producer.

Farmers are seeking a non-biased advice, information, resources, and knowledge specifically tailored to their operation.

Farmers are looking for help and resources are in short demand, Milo is the answer.


A Subscription to Milo is equivalent to hiring the top expert, in every area of your business, to be your most valuable and trusted advisor.